Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Double agent is still taking action


Double agent is still taking action.

On YouTube, there is a TV film called Double Agent. This is an old movie released in 1987. It tells a story that: An international spy Jason Starr (starred by Michael McKean) disappears in a mission. His boss Vaughn then persuades successfully his twin brother Warren Starbinder (a veterinarian, also starred by Michael McKean) to pose as Jason for the uncompleted mission. Warren experiences much uneasiness during the mission since he is not a spy. Finally, he gets the mission completed.

Twin is not only always a hot-topic in a spy story, but also an important theme of anti-spy in real life. I believe there are many double agents in Canada, because life is built on reality. If let me organize an anti-spy squad to catch twin spies in Canada, my friends Playford, Richards, and also Dave will be the best candidates. One day when I visit China, hope no guys think I have a twin brother there and he will be shipped back here for instead, so to replace and continue my life in Canada. :)