Monday, February 6, 2012

Why did China vote against UN draft resolution on Syrian issue?

Wen Jiabao visited Middle

On February 4, China voted against UN draft resolution on Syrian issue. Analysts believe that was because China was trying its best to postpone or stop a possible war from Western countries to Iran, although the UN draft appeared to be only a resolution on Syrian issue.

China does not believe there is any country, which is able to topple China’s regime with military forces. Through lessons that it has taken from the former Soviet Union and the recent “Arabian Spring”, China does believe that a rapid deterioration of people’s life will be the prime enemy to its regime. If Iran were attacked, the soaring price of oil would seriously down-grade China’s economy, and therefore affect China’s political stability.

China had put a damper on the Iranian side when China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Middle East last month. During the visit, Wen declared China’s disagreement on a possible development of Iranian nuclear bomb. This time, by the veto on Syrian issue, China put another damper on the side of U.S. and Israel, because an Assad controlled Syria may attack Israel to alleviate its internal and external crises once Iran is under attack. As long as Assad regime exists, U.S. and Israeli plan to attack Iran will be much difficult to make.