Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Penguin and Spy Dove

Penguin and Spy Dove@peterpeng210.blogspot.com

Penguin used to be a member of the Sea Club. However, it quit two years ago because it felt the club did not trust it enough. To the Sea Club, it was the truth that the club itself did not trust Penguin before, but it was also the truth that the club did not want Penguin to leave.

To force Penguin to rejoin the Sea Club, the Sea Club used widely its relationships and social networks to block covertly Penguin’s ways to join the other clubs. This situation had lasted for one and a half year, until one day the Sea Club decided to switch to a new way to play.

This time, the Sea Club did not hinder Penguin intentionally when it knew Penguin was trying to join the Bird-Tech Club. After Penguin was taken into the Bird-Tech Club, the Sea Club infiltrated successfully an agent Dove into this club to spy what Penguin would do there.

Half year later, the winter came, and it was harder and harder to find food for the Bird-Tech Club. The management of the club decided to fire a member to ease the food shortage. Because almost all members of the club, except Penguin and Dove, were relatives of the managing staff, the management could only put the sight on Penguin and Dove to fire one of them.

Both Penguin and Dove always worked hard there, but the management of the Bird-Tech Club thought Penguin ate less and was more willing to dump garbage and do low-level work daily than Dove, so it decided to keep Penguin and tried to squeeze Dove out of the club.

Looking down on the plan to spy on Penguin, Dove thought the plan was in danger, so it had to report secretly to the Sea Club for help. The Sea Club took action immediately by telling the director of the Bird-Tech Club that Penguin was a guy the Sea Club still liked and wanted. Because the living condition of the Sea Club was much better than that of the Bird-Tech Club in winter, the director of the Bird-Tech Club thought Penguin must want to return back to the Sea Club.

Since then, the director of the Bird-Tech Club did not trust Penguin any more due to a lack of self-confidence. The Bird-Tech Club stopped squeezing Dove out. Dove’s membership was saved, and it could continue monitoring Penguin day by day after then. Looking at Penguin who was turned into trouble again, the staff of the Sea Club could not help falling in laughing even in their night dreams.