Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Truth on Iran Shot Down Unmanned U.S. Drone

U.S. drone shot down by
These days one Chinese main website posted a blog-analysis regarding the cause of the U.S. unmanned UAV ‘shot down’ by Iran. I feel the analysis is interesting, so I translated the main part of it into English below to share with my readers:

Novemeber 26, U.S. attack-helicopters air-struck one Pakistani military station and killed 24 Pakistani troops. Therefore, Pakistan troops blocked angrily NATO’s transportation-line in Pakistan and demanded U.S. to clear out of the Shamsi air-base in Pakistan within 15 days. The United States began to play its old tricks again saying it was an incident and a tragedy, but no apologize. It was rather arrogant from U.S. and let people recall the incident of the Sino-U.S. Hainan air collision.

Because the United States refused to apologize to Pakistan, the second day we heard U.S. military forces began to move-out from the Shamsi Base. Just the move-out caused the later U.S. drone incident. This base is located in Pakistan near the borders of the three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. U.S. drones had taken off and refueled there for operations against Islamic militants in Afghanistan and some Pakistani targets. Pakistan was unhappy to the base for a long time and was offended to extreme this time, so they ordered the Americans to get out. In the other words, the drone ‘shot down’ by Iran was from the Shamsi base. Based on above, the cause of the drone-down incident can be seen as follows,

The second day, the U.S. troops began to move out. The drones are remote controlled by ground-personnel. We have never seen a move of a military base, but we have experienced many home moves of ourselves--what a mass: This needed to be moved away, and that needed to deal with; This needed to be discarded, and that needed to be handed over; This needed to call a truck, and that needed to hire labours. One word: a total mass. In this massy situation, the drone was still flying in the sky! Even you can tell me that the military staff that moment had still how much mind on the flying drones, and the drones in sky had still how much care from the base? We all know, this kind of drones is very advanced, so they need high-standard services from the ground. Once its base ignored the drones, it is easy to understand why one of them had an incident and dropped in Iran by itself.