Friday, May 13, 2011

A Wonderland with Jasmine Blossoms 在茉莉花盛开的地方

Zhang Qiping 张其萍

It is worth watching the music TV video, A Wonderland with Jasmine Blossoms在茉莉花盛开的地方. This video broadcasts everyday via China Jiangsu TV channel to the entire world.

From the art of view, this five-minute music video is extremely successful. I have lived in North America for many years and am proud of the natural views and environment where I am living, but I still can not help being deeply amazed by the harmonious and paradise-like pictures from the video.

Each time when I watch the video, just like what the singer sings in it, it makes me lost in joyful reveries, although I know that China is confronted with some severe problems on environment and economy, and only 20% of Chinese working citizens have monthly individual incomes over RMB 3000 or USD 462.

The Jiangsu province the video promotes is in the east China and neighbouring my hometown Shanghai, the biggest city of China. If you take the newly built Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, it will only spend you one hour from its capital city Nanjing to Shanghai.

The singer’s name is Zhang Qiping 张其萍. According to Baidu Wiki, she was born in July of 1982 in Jianhu city, Jiangsu Province, China. She is a national first-class actress of China and a member of China Musician Association. She is now under the flag of China Jiangsu Performing Arts Co., Ltd. and is also studying for a master degree in China Nanjing Art Institute.

Let’s enjoy the music TV film A Wonderland with Jasmine Blossoms as follows. Please full screen and set resolution to 480p for breath-taking views.