Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pei Xuecheng 裴学诚:Bruce Lee and My After-school Life

My nephew Pei Xuecheng 裴学诚 is a junior high school student in Shanghai of China. Recently he participated in an English writing contest in his school. Please enjoy his contest writing posted as follows. I am proud of his mature thinking and hard studies in English:

Bruce Lee and My After-school Life—Pei Xuecheng

My today’s life would not be so colourful and perfect if Bruce Lee did not come into my after-school life years ago. I knew Bruce Lee through his movie Way of the Dragon when I was only ten. I still remember the scene clearly when I began to know Bruce Lee for the first time.

That was a weekend afternoon I remember. In that afternoon my parents and I watched this Bruce Lee’s DVD movie at home. What amazed me that moment were not only Bruce Lee’s powerful muscles, but also his unbelievable two-nunchaku skills, which were totally out of my ability of imagination.

Since then, Bruce Lee almost occupied all of my after-school life except the time for my homework daily. I often asked my parents to bring me to bookstores on Saturdays or Sundays for buying storybooks regarding him, and I often went on the Internet at night to search some knowledge about him. I was sad after I knew he had only a short life. I felt exciting when I knew he was a chief editor of five movies, which made him much money. He went sometimes even into my dreams at night to show his strength and power to the world and me.

As I was growing up gradually, I felt that my load of homework from school became heavier and heavier. My mom paid attention to this and began to persuade me not to admire him any more, because she thought that too much time I spent on him would affect my exam-grades at school.

To reduce my mom’s worry, I began to spend more time on homework every day, although Bruce Lee still fascinated me. The only difference was I put him deeper in my heart than before. When I met difficulties in my study at home, his stories always encouraged me to overcome them and say to myself that I should never give up.

When I look back to see my way on study, I found that I would not have made such a great progress if his stories did not come into my after-school life. His stories told me that his success was not built over one night but came from his hard work day by day and his spirit of never giving up to failure he met. One day, I remember, I told to my mom that I was not a kid who was only keen on his Kung-Fu skills but a teenager keen on his spirit too.

I always think that the lessons I take daily at school are extremely useful to me, but who can say what I learned after school from Bruce Lee’s stories are not important? I think Bruce Lee makes my life closer to perfection. My life becomes colourful due to my after-school life, which goes sometimes across Bruce Lee’s stories.