Monday, April 11, 2011

Beidou Navigation System goes to perfection


Recently, China announced its Beidou development strategy following the successful launch of the eighth Beidou satellite.

Besides the system’s active location function as before, the system will add on the passive location system to be compatible with GPS, GALILIO, and GLONASS. This will greatly expend its both military and civilian usability.

In October 2009 I wrote a comment named Stranded in Shallow Water, Chinese Navy’s Fate. The comment analyzed the disadvantage of Beidou active location system in military utilization. The newly announced Beidou development strategy with passive location system obviously corrected the disadvantage.

According to the strategy, the Beidou system will become a global navigation and positioning system formed with more than 30 satellites by 2020. Even in a civilian role, the system will also greatly benefit China through the business chain it creates on navigation chips, navigation devices manufacturing, etc.

China is now a country, which has the most cell phone users. Next year China will have the most automobile users in the world, the China’s Statistic said.