Saturday, March 19, 2011

China feels happy on its losses in Libya

Basing on the UN Security Council resolution passed on March 17, the allied forces build up by France, Britain, U.S., Canada, and Italy have started military operations to Libya on March 19. China did not block the passing of the resolution. Many people may think China is a total loser on this issue, but analysts believe China still keeps a smiling on.

Since the uprising began in Libya last month, it is true that China suffered large financial losses in Libya. Chinese media showed that 35,860 Chinese left Libya, leaving behind construction materials, machines, vehicles, and project contracts totaling in the billions of dollars. An unbelievable fact in China is that not many Chinese people care about these losses.

As we know, China has the second large GDP in the world and has accumulated huge foreign exchange reserve, but the living standards of most Chinese people have not had a link with the quantum leap of its GDP. Consequently, the China’s financial losses in Libya cannot attract the eyeballs of Chinese people, especially because China is also a country with a single party ruling system and news censoring.

Instead, what did Chinese people see were Chinese government withdrew 35 thousand Chinese citizens out of Libya within one week, four Chinese air-force’s IL-76 transporters took back Chinese workers from Tripoli, and Chinese naval frigate Xuzhou reached Mediterranean for China’s civilian withdraw on sea off Libya. From Chinese media Chinese people also knew that many other countries’ people were abandoned in Libya by their own governments. All of above greatly inspired patriotism in China.

During the recent political chaos in North Africa, what Chinese government worried about is mainly on the stability of its party’s ruling status, but not the financial losses. Uprising in Libya granted Chinese government an opportunity to show its strong side to the world and get good points from its people. Analysts believe Chinese authorities must think that these points are much precious than the financial losses in Libya. That is why analysts say China is happy on its losses there.