Monday, January 24, 2011

Why does Confucius stand at Tiananmen Square east

Confucius at

January 11, at the east of Beijing's Tiananmen Square, a 9.5-meter high bronze statue of Confucius was setup in front of the National Museum. Why did the Beijing Authorities do this?

There is a saying in China that “Hold the feudal overlord, so as to control his vassals 挟天子以令诸侯”. By holding Confucius, Chinese ruling party is trying to give the international world an impression that this party is passing on and carrying on Chinese traditional culture, and it is functioning as a same role as each dynasty in China’s long historic river. Through the Confucius statue, Chinese Communist Party also emphasizes to the outside world that only the Chinese Communist Party is the unique and the only legal representative of Chinese culture in recent China and the world, and it is just as same as each Chinese ruling social level in each dynasty of Chinese history.

In China’s thousand years of history, there were many great thinkers and educators such as Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, etc., but only Confucius was conferred posthumous honour-titles by each Chinese dynasty starting from 479 B.C, including Republic of China in 1935. Till now, there have been over 300 Confucius Institutes in more than 90 countries. These are why Chinese government and its communist party chose Confucius as a signboard to the world now and set up a statue of him at Tiananmen Square east trying to tell the world the unique and legal representativeness of the Chinese Communist Party in Chinese history.

People should not forget that Chinese President Hu Jintao is also the General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party. By his nature, his past, and his qualifications to the ruling communist party, analysts do not believe there is any possibility that he would/will do anything not good to his party on purpose. Analysts believe Chinese government led by the communist party will still insist on Mao’s thoughts. Confucius is only a coat for Chinese government to dress up for its international role.

Analysts believe Chinese government and its ruling party would never setup a Confucius statue at Tiananmen Square east if it will not benefit but hurt the ruling status of Chinese Communist Party. On the same reason, Chinese President Hu Jintao would not visit a Confucius Institute during his official visit in U.S. last week, if this would/will affect the ruling of his communist party.

Mao Zedong for inside and Confucius for outside. Hold the feudal overlord (Confucius) to control his vassals (other countries’ people and governments) and to pave the way for the communist China going to the world. This stratagem is so good and tricky that not every smart person is able to see the mark it points really to, even the left wing members of the Chinese Communist Party.