Sunday, January 2, 2011

J-20, a placebo for New Year’s Eve

On Chinese portal websites these days, some pictures of a Chinese 4th generation fighter called J-20 are fascinating Chinese Internet users. Analysts believe these pictures posted on Chinese personal blogs were intentional leakages from Chinese authority.

Recently, China’s morale was downgraded by the fact that U.S. has stood firmly behind S. Korea and Japan on the issues of Northeast Asia (Yeonpyeong Island and Senkaku Islands). Meanwhile, Russian-Indian joint development on T-50 stealth fighters has worsened the mood for China going into 2011. At this moment, a piece of good news to pop up the morale in China is extremely needed.

It is not new to U.S. that China is pursuing a plan of its 4th generation fighter that is compatible to U.S. F-22 raptor and Russian T-50. The Pentagon has never stopped watching closely the fledgling plan of the Chinese J-20. The Pentagon never doubts that China needs at least 15 years to mature the J-20 technology, f.g., on stealth coating and turbofan vector-engines. It is ridiculous that a country which has no technology to copy Russian Su-33 for aircraft carrier fighters is able to build stealth fighters same as F-22.

Basing on the crystal clear to the development of Chinese J-20 and Russian T-50, U.S. has banned the exports of the F-22 for years and kept non-production of this military plane since 2010. Although the intentional photo-leakage of a China’s J-20 stealth fighter can hardly trick U.S., we can see from the reactions on Chinese portal websites that it has really boosted morale in China. The placebo effect from J-20 granted Chinese Internet users a sound sleep on new year’s eve.