Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hu Jintao visits U.S.

Obama held dinner with HuObama and

Chinese President Hu Jintao landed in the U.S. capital of Washington Tuesday for a four-day state visit. Although the two countries expressed their goodwill to aim at enhancing their positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship, analysts believe a downturn point in their relationship is still inevitable in the near future. Taiwan issue is still the first obstacle in front of U.S. and China.

During 2010, U.S. operated eight military drills with Asian countries around China. High pressure from outside made China more eagerly develop its military technology. Through this, U.S. may realize that keeping a closer financial and economical relationship with China is a better and easy way for U.S. to control China. This relationship may drive China on to the way of newly changed Tunisia. Some analysts even said that White House’s warm welcome to Chinese President Hu is “covering the dagger with a smile”.

Certainly, China knows that U.S. will keep selling arms to Taiwan, otherwise it means U.S. has to give up Taiwan by its own. That is why some analysts said Chinese President Hu’s goodwill speech at a welcome ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House this time is another “feigning madness without becoming insane”.