Monday, October 4, 2010

A statement of my friend

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These days one friend of mine asked me to post a statement for him on my blog. I really do not know what is the meaning of this statement, but have to post it below due to the friendship with him:

Do I still have money out of Canada? Or am I expecting someone to transfer fund to me from abroad? The answers will be negative. If some people are trying to verify them above and hope to catch me getting money from there on scene, they have calculated wrong. Maybe they can only see I fall finally into bankruptcy in Canada because hard to find a job.

Please do not order my friends such as Playford, Paul, and Richards to go around me further except they are angels sent to help me on purpose. Their performances are not professional enough and I am a person who can be trusted. The bank savings my wife and I had before were a little aid from my sister and a sum from our apartment abroad sold under the help of my sister. No more money will come to me from her any more.