Friday, June 4, 2010

Why China rejected the visit of U.S. Defence Secretary


As why did China refuse the visit of Robert Gates, U.S. Defence Secretary, the Washington Post speculated on June 3, 2010 that it was because China could not forget U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, but analysts believe that rejection walked out under the recent situation of Korean Peninsular.

Analysts think that China normally would not refuse Robert Gates for a dialogue, although U.S. arms-sells to Taiwan. China did this unusual action is to tell U.S. that China is unhappy to what U.S. did on dealing with the Cheonan incident. Recently, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited South Korea and told to the media that it is impossible for China to get a narrow escape if two Koreas have a war in between. In other words, China will have to fight to protect North Korea. Analysts believe that it is China’s red line to keep its last strategic buffer zone in Northeast Asia, even if China has to face a new Korean War.

China used its rejection to Robert Gates sent a message to U.S.: “Hai, don’t be hypocritical to me. Don’t think I do not know what you did on Cheonan incident. Stop fanning the fire behind South Korea!”.

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