Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Textile has paved way for China’s petaflop computer

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Textile and supercomputer, the two irrelevant words are linked together naturally in China. China’s huanqiu network recently announced China’s domestic Loongson III processors will be used to build the upcoming petaflop supercomputer Shuguang 6000.

The Loongson III CPU is designed by Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Science and manufactured by Lemote Technology that is invested jointly by Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Science and China Jiangsu Menglan Group. The Jiangsu Menglan Group is a township owned enterprise that has a history of 30 years in a different field -- textile. Its brand Menglan was entitled with number one of China’s most influential brands in household textile industry. Chinese Ministry of Commerce has been fostering and developing it as one of China’s key export brands.

Under the fund from Jiangsu Menglan Group, its son company Lemote Technology has developed the Loongson CPU from model I to recent model III. It has also manufactured with these CPUs four series of products: Fuloong Mini-PC, Mailoong NC, Yeeloong Laptop, Hiloong Mini-Server.

Following the Loongson III CPU has been chose as the processor of China’s petaflop computer Shuguang 6000, China’s textile successfully paved way for the development of China’s supercomputer. China’s designing periods on new ships and planes will be sharply shortened after the petaflop computer utilization.

Reference: http://mil.huanqiu.com/china/2010-05/802301.html