Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Taiwan advertisement with magic power

Taiwan green

Beauties plus creative ideas are always magic power in advertisements. Recently, an advertisement of Taiwan weight-loss drink branded Every Morning Health demonstrated this magic again.

In the advertisement, a nice-shape girl went to the door of her former boyfriend for strip demonstration after 42 days of their break in relationship. The beauty and the creative idea made this weight-loss drink prevail in Taiwan almost over one night, and the two originally unknown actress and actor became popular accordingly. Please click the Youtube video below to enjoy the film.

The actress, Liao Xinyu, is a telecommunication sales associate. She is 27 years old/167cm/46kg. The actor, Zhang Kaijie returned to Taiwan from Japan three years ago. He teaches Japanese language and owns an attire shop in Taiwan. He is 30 years old/183cm/70kg.

Source: Taiwan TVBS