Monday, May 10, 2010

China sets a goal for utilization of new energy

Windpower in

The development on renewable energy decides a country’s future. Nowadays, U.S. is using it as a locomotive to pull its manufacturing industry into a new era. Obviously, China’s talents have realized what U.S. is doing and are trying to urge Chinese government to start the paces on this too.

Recently, a vice Chairman of the board of China’s Renewable Energy Society told to media that the society has submitted its plan to Central government regarding how to decompose the goal that clean energy accounts for 15% of total primary energy consumption by 2020. The plan is now waiting for an approval.

In the 15 percent, hydropower accounts for about 8%, nuclear power about 4%, solar power and wind power about 3%. The specific objectives are, hydropower installed capacity reaches 300 million kilowatts, nuclear power installed capacity 80 million kilowatts, wind power 150 million kilowatts, and solar power 20 million kilowatts.

Besides clean energy in China in 2020 accounts for 15% of total primary energy consumption, Clean energy by 2030 is set to become an important alternative energy, by 2050 to become the main energy.