Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheonan incident leads to a ROK political show


The Cheonan incident is leading to a political show in South Korea. On May 16, 2010, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that South Korean military authorities are planning to issue a statement of stern warning against the communist North regarding the March 26 sink of a Navy warship Cheonan.

Frankly, even a joint team of South Korean civilian and military investigators found remains of a North Korean torpedo, it is still hard to say the North launched the torpedo, because common knowledge tells us criminals always know how to guide police to a wrong direction by setting up fake evidence on scenes.

Korean peninsular is one of the most complicated areas in the world. The complication can be seen on the deadlock of the nuclear issue meeting six countries involve in. Because each of the six countries has its own interests on the peninsular, theoretically, it is possible for the other four except two Koreas to plot an incident such as the sink of the Cheonan to pursue a high interest there.

After the incident, the South has to give a say to its people although it cannot find impeccable evidence that who did this, unless the government wants to lose the next election.The problem is, who can be blamed without firm evidence? China? U.S.? Russia? Japan? Of cause, the South cannot do so. Therefore, the South has to and can only grip its feud North Korea to blame in order to calm its people.

Maybe the calculation of the South is, one more time of stern warning will not cause an invasion from the North, and the South people will also not ask its government to escalate the warning to a large scale of military retaliation, because they understand the North has 20 thousands of artilleries aiming at Seoul near the border with the South, and these artilleries are said to have a capability of destroying Seoul within two minutes. Everyone knows no side of the two Koreas can afford a real war.

In the aftermath of the Cheonan incident, a political show is unveiling in the South and a new round of card game is playing there among the related countries. The politicians are always the winners including those of the South. The only and real victims are the 46 sailors who lost their lives on the warship sunk by a so-called North Korean torpedo.