Friday, April 9, 2010

Why the Snow Dragon returned with low profile?

Snow Dragon Returned
Snow Dragon

Totally different from its high profile setout half a year ago, Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon that returned to Shanghai of China on April 8 of 2010 from Antarctica looked so unnoticeable. It is difficult to find relavant news if you were not on purpose to look for it in the Chinese news media.

It is not the normal way Chinese media usually do, especially there is a female ship-pilot on board who is the first woman chosen to do such a job to South Pole and was highly praised by the media when the Snow Dragon started this journey on October 11, 2009. From that she disappeared from the focus of the media and the low-profile return of the Snow Dragon, analysts guess some unhappy things might has happened between the leaders of the crew on board and their communist bosses on shore regarding the female pilot on board during the past six months.

The woman is only 27-year old. Her name is Xie Jie-ying. Before being selected as one of the four pilots of the Snow Dragon to Antarctica, she was a teacher of Shanghai Maritime University located in Shanghai of China.

Xie Jie-ying on board