Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Obama called to China on the fools’ day

On April 1, 2010, U.S. president Obama made a phone call from the Air Force One to China’s president Hu, after a sudden reversal of US-China relations regarding Google, the RMB exchange rate, climate protection, trade friction, the Iranian nuclear crisis, arms sales to Taiwan, and the Dalai Lama since the beginning of 2010.

In the call, the two pledged to increase the cooperation between the two countries. According to the media, the Obama administration will defer a decision on whether to name China a currency manipulator until well after Hu visits Washington for the nuclear security summit. The media also said, Obama reassured Hu that the US fully adhered to the one-China policy and would continue to recognize it.

Analysts believe, U.S. took the moves above is trying to tell China that U.S. expects China’s cooperation on the summit, but, if China does not support sanctions against Iran on the summit, China would get trouble again from U.S.

Some analysts believe China won’t agree a harsher sanction to Iran on the summit due to its distrust on U.S. and its consistent strategy. China may think U.S. is just trying to use it on the Iran issue, and it would be the next top target of U.S. if Iran were gone.

Mostly, a new round of quarrel between the two countries will breakout soon after the summit. Therefore, President Obama’s call on the Air Force One will be only a call on the fools’ day of 2010.