Thursday, April 22, 2010

A tour in North Korea (Part I)

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After China granted North Korea the Approved Destination Status, many Chinese tourists visited North Korea. What does North Korea look like? Let us read the following description (Part I--IV) from a Chinese tourist:

If you want to know the average income of North Koreans, you need to know the exchange rate of RMB to Korean won first. From the alcohol in the shop set specially for foreigners you can find out the exchange rate you want to know.

We know RMB 100 yuan equals Euro-dollar 10. In the picture, this bottle of alcohol is priced in both Euro dollar 10 and North Korean won 1700. From this we can get: RMB100 yuan equals North Korean won 1700, so the rate of RMB to N-Korean won is: 1 to 17.

In my experience to 52 countries and areas, North Korea is the only country that bans foreign tourists to go into local shops only accessible to North Koreans. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to get the consuming information of the local people.

Foreign tourists are limited in shops specially set for foreigners for shopping. The prices there are mainly labeled by Euro dollars, but customers are allowed to pay with RMB by timing the Euro dollar prices by 10.

North Korea is a country short of energy resources, so it needs urgently the money earned from tourists to purchase energy. Therefore, the commodities for foreigners are very expensive. North Korea worries that foreigners may be uncomfortable if they see the prices they pay for are too much expensive than the prices for North Koreans, so the shops for tourists are put far away from the local shops for North Koreans.