Thursday, April 1, 2010

A joke of the fools’ day from China


Today, the fools’ day of 2010, Chinese media said that Chinese navy’s build-up no-threats to ASEAN countries.

The media cited the words from a PLA expert, Senior Colonel Chen Zhou, a researcher with the PLA's Academy of Military Sciences, "ASEAN countries should be assured that China's development of its navy is only to maintain the country's own maritime interests and regional peace and stability, …".

Mr. Chen’s statement obviously is a joke of the fools’ day to the understanding of the ASEAN countries, because they know China has territorial issues with them, such as: Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands in South China Sea. Some ASEAN countries have already started their exploitation on oil and gas reserves there for decades. Therefore, that China tries to “maintain the country’s own maritime interests” certainly is a big threat to them.

Usually, a guarantee made on the fools’ day won’t be trusted. ASEAN countries certainly treat the no-threat guarantee from China as a joke, and China is also smart enough to know this. After all, China knows, say something is better than say nothing.