Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is the OTV easy to be disabled in space?


These days, just after the trial-flight of U.S. OTV X-37B, Chinese military fans have found a way to disable it. Their suggestion is as follows,

The OTV is not a manned space vehicle. It is still a UAV flying a bit higher (above atmosphere). Through a data link transmission supported by satellites and GPS, the OTV can find its own position or be commanded and remote controlled by the operator from the other side of the earth. Without satellites and GPS to transmit data, the OTV will be blind and deaf. Therefore, knowing the fatal weakness of the OTV, as long as we destroy or jam out the U.S. satellites or GPS that relay data to it, the OTV will lose its functions, just like a computer that has been cut off electric power.

Hi, my readers, do you also think the thing is really so simple? Should U.S. stop developing the OTV because of the threats from China’s anti-satellite technology?