Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iran creates something from nothing on SA-20s

Iran SA-20@peterpeng210.blogspot.comIran

While Russia is postponing providing S-300 (SA-20) air defence systems to Iran under the pressures of U.S. and Israel, Iran suddenly showed its S-300 similar systems in the military parade in Tehran on its Army Day of April 18, 2010.

Some people guessed they are S-300s (SA-20s) from Russia, and some said they are cloned from China’s HQ-9. Both Russia and China have denied these rumors. Analysts believe they are just a fictitious army of Iran to deterrence a probable air raid from Israel.

There is a saying that “Military forces are never tired of applying tricks.” Probably, these “SA-20s” or “HQ-9s” are just a combination of trucks and hollow big pipes only. Iran has created something from nothing, the analysts said.