Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A fragrance outside of U.S. flower yards

Michael J. Forsyth, a Lieutenant Colonel and a field artillery officer of the U.S. Army is trying to figure out how Chinese military made his dream come true.

In 2003, Mr. Forsyth made a proposal to U.S. army in his article “Precision Launch Rocket System: a Proposal for the Future of the Field Artillery”. In the article, he expressed his opinion that the artillery central weapon systems need to be changed to precision launch rocket systems to better support all military operations. He said, current trends indicated that future warfare needs faster strategic mobility, more precise weapon systems, and less logistical consumption.

Today, his dream comes true, but it is not in U.S. Recently, China showed various kinds of its rocket weapon systems on the 12th Asian Defense Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. There of, an A200 rocket weapon system has a circular error probability less than 10 meters if it launches to a target within a range of 200 km.

In the four-day exhibition, China also showed its guided artillery rocket system SY-400. From the video above, we can see, a SY-400 system has eight containers with solid-fuel GPS/INS guided rockets. They are mounted on a wheeled mobile launcher. The rockets are launched vertically and have a range of about 400 km. A reloading vehicle can reload the rockets stored in the containers with a crane.

Today, various kinds of Chinese precision artillery rocket systems indicated that China’s artillery technology has led the world. Because of the proposal to the U.S. Army seven years ago from the U.S. Lieutenant Colonel, Michael J. Forsyth, China’s success looks like a fragrance outside of U.S. flower yards.