Thursday, April 8, 2010

The consequence of Tulip Revolution told us


Five years ago, the people who had launched the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan never expected today’s consequence. Researching the cause we found, today these former political talents are washing away by another “Tulip wave” is because they forgot a simple rule after they went on the stage. That is “Water can float boats and sink boats too”. Here, the water is the people who used to follow these “Tulip” politicians five years ago, and the boats are the country power once in the hands of these “Tulip” politicians.

Since the success of the Tulip Revolution five years ago, the friction in Kyrgyzstan between the government and the parliament had never been stopped. These Kyrgyz politicians put most their energies on how to grip more power and get more benefits for themselves, therefore, the constitution of the country was changed back and forth, and useful plans for economic development could not be passed due to the tension among these politicians. Because of worse country’s economy plus bureaucratic corruption, People live at the bottom of the social community felt more and more frustrating and finally lost their patience. Additionally, the aftermath of the Tulip Revolution was unluckily right caught by the world economic recession, which further worsened Kyrgyz finance and deepened the social crisis there.

The lesson from Tulip Revolution told us, the economic development is the foundation of the political stage of a country. Politicians and their root people are just like boats and water. Water can float boats and can also sink boats too.