Friday, April 23, 2010

Chinese people: Wake up, Chinese authorities!


Aprill 22, 2010, China Qilu Evening News of Shandong province reported that Shanghai World Expo is going to fire more than 100,000 rounds of fireworks in the night of the opening ceremony, far more ambitious than the 80, 000 rounds used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The news waved up immediately on China’s websites a flood of criticism to Chinese government. Many Chinese people commented their discontents to such a wasteful luxury from their government.

One of the comments on China’s websites said: “…China is still very poor, the goal of three decades is only to build up an olive-shape social structure. Why do (they) spend so much money on these things that are unrelated to the people's livelihood? This is the behavior of disguising as a fat guy by punching the face to be swollen. The purpose of this is to let the world feel that China is flourishing and peaceful, so as to cover up the problems in domestic people's livelihood. China suffered a number of disasters these years: earthquakes, droughts, etc. Why (they) could not spend this large sum of money on the people who got hit (by the disasters). Or (they) should reserve this sum of money to use it on the people who need to be saved in the future. Chinese authorities should wake up!”