Sunday, April 18, 2010

China’s OTH Radar Monitoring East China Sea

Fang Feng(below)

China has extended its radar detecting range to 300km along coasts. The radar bases along the coast of Zhejiang Province of China have been equipped with OTH (Over the Horizon) radars. Through them, Chinese military can detect and tracking aircraft and ships in the disputing area with Japan. The long-range radars can also be used for the early warning of ballistic missile attacks.

Although some people said they could guide Chinese ballistic missiles to strike U.S. aircraft carriers on sea, many people argued that these radars are useless during wartime because of their wide-aperture receiving-antenna arrays that last for one to two kilometers long. They are too long to avoid attacks.

March of 2010, Chinese PLA newspaper reported a chief engineer of the observation and communication brigade of China’s navy East Sea Fleet. His name is Fang Feng. Now he is taking charge of the OTH radar project along the China’s east coast. He is about 50 years old and was enlisted in PLA 30 years ago. During the past 30 years, according to the report, he was trained step by step from a military academy cadet, to a radar maintenance technician, finally to be a chief engineer of the OTH radar project.

He works very hard and has contributed almost all of his leisure time to his work. The report gave an example that he has only traveled with his family to tourism attractions once in the past 30 years, and He has also refused many high pay job offers from electronics related enterprises in China. Because of his hard work, he was decorated several times by Chinese navy.