Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Indian LCH looks better than WZ-10


The military fans of the world appreciated the Indian LCH much than China’s WZ-10. That is because Indian LCH showed its elegance and advantages to the world with high profile, not like China’s WZ-10 keeps hiding and leaving many rumors behind it.

In the evening of March 29, 2010, a light combat helicopter made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited successfully completed its first trial flight. During 20 minutes of the flight, the Indian media said, the LCH’s performance met the requirements.

The Indian light combat helicopter started to be developed in 2006, weighs about 5.5 tones, and features a certain ability to avoid radar detection. It can fly at a height of 6,500 meters and has a maximum range of about 700 km. Besides its advanced mission and weapon systems, its glass cockpit and nice shape makes it really enjoyable to the military fans from the world.

Please click the picture below to read the features of the LCH of India.Features of Indian