Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best wishes and congratulation to my niece Jinyu Yang

Yang Jinyu 杨瑾瑜

My niece Jinyu Yang 杨瑾瑜 is a beautiful, smart, and diligent girl. She has given herself a nickname “Children King” is because she loves her career as a teacher at a kindergarten of Shanghai, China. On March 27, 2010 she got married and held a wedding ceremony in Shanghai. As her uncle, I feel really happy of that. Wish the new couple of my niece happy and love each other forever.

Today, from the news I heard that Shanghai Bund in Shanghai of China completed its renovation and transformation on the same day of my niece Yang’s wedding ceremony, as if the city of Shanghai has been congratulating to the new couple of my niece with its new face to the world.

Shanghai is more meaningful in my mind from March 27,2010 on due to my niece Yang's wedding. Best wishes and congratulation to you, my niece Jinyu Yang 杨瑾瑜.