Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sen Maso, My Favourite Japanese Singer

On Dec. 15, 2009, Japanese Emperor Akihito met with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in Tokyo. Unreasonably, this let me recollect my favourite Japanese singer Sen Maso.

Maybe every one knows or has heard the Japanese song Spring of Northern Country 北国の春. Sen Maso firstly sang this song. Sen Maso began to go on stage in 1966. When he was on the peak of his fame in 1977, he quit from stage and started his real estate business, which brought him billions during 1980s. Unfortunately many people in Japan were hit by the broken bubble economy in Japan in 1990s. Sen Maso was one of them and fell into bankruptcy then.

In 1991, 14 years after he left the stage, he went back on it again. That year he was 44-year old. Although he got setback in his business, he never gives up in his life. Now he is 62-year old, but we can still see his excellent performance on stage. Let’s click the video above to enjoy his song Hoshikageno Waltz 星影のワルツ, which was sung by him in 1994. Hope you will like his songs too. His songs always inspire me on the way of my life.