Monday, December 28, 2009

Co-development is better than transfer of technology

For a long term of view, India should co-develop the engine of Tejas light fighter with French Snecma to go beyond just transfer of technology what India would get only from transfer of technology from Eurojet or General Electric.

India is always a favourite of the world. According to India Defense Ministry, to solve the engine problem for the Indian home-grown ‘Tejas’ light combat aircraft (LCA), Eurojet and General Electric both stipulated that they will transfer 50 per cent of the technology to India, if India signs the purchase contract for their engines (EJ-200 for Eurojet and F414 for GE respectively).

Because India still worries that the international firm may not give the critical high-end technology that will be important for India, Indian Defense Ministry is now considering to co-develop indigenously designed ‘Kaveri’ engine for LCA with French engine-maker Snecma.

The Gas Turbine and Research Establishment (GTRE) facilitated to Indian state-owned Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has confidence that that the Snecma-GTRE venture will surely improve the maximum thrust of the current Kaveri engine from the current 65 KN to the 95 KN that the EJ-200 and F-414 currently have.

India, the white-headed boy of the world should take the chance to learn high-end technology as much as possible. The co-develop with foreign firms is a better way to go, the analysts believe.