Monday, December 14, 2009

CIA and Detained North Korean Weapons in Thailand

The Detained

Thai media reports said, Dec. 12, 2009, Thai authorities detained an IL-76 transport in Bangkok after 40 tons of North Korean weapons including rockets, launchers, and missile warheads were found on board. The plane had a total of five crewmembers, four Kazakh people, a Belarusian. Some analysts said CIA probably planned ahead this action, and some of the crew likely have CIA background.

The Kazakhstan-owned airplane came from Pyongyang of North Korea and landed on Thailand for refueling on Dec. 11, 2009. Several Thai media quoted police sources that the ultimate destination of the aircraft was Sri Lanka. According to the Resolution No. 1874 passed by the UN Security Council on June 12 this year, North Korea is not allowed to sell weapons to the other countries.

The report of the local newspaper MANAGER quoted the Thai immigration and police officials that Thailand originally was not on the route of the detained airplane, and the transport aircraft had broken into the Thai airspace before it applied for landing for refueling. The officials also said the transport plane carrying heavy weapons into the territory of Thailand did not go any declaration procedure, and the inspectors were told that the aircraft was carrying cargo of some "military components" only.

The analysts said that some of the crewmembers probably are undercover CIA, or at least some of them are common people paid by CIA in advance to tell them to do so. The purpose of the unscheduled break-in and landing for refueling was to let Thailand authorities have reason, time and chance to examine the suspicious aircraft from North Korea.