Wednesday, December 9, 2009

China puts one more eye around the earth

According to Chinese media, China launched on Dec. 09, 2009 a remote-sensing satellite, Yaogan VII, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern Gansu Province of China.

The center said that it would be mainly used for scientific experiment, land resources survey, crop yield estimates, and disaster prevention and reduction, but the western analysts believe the satellite is likely an electro-optical spy satellite to be operated by the Chinese military.

The analysts also believe the Yaogan series I to VII, which began launching in 2006, is a new fleet of high-resolution optical and radar reconnaissance satellites. The new satellite Yaogan VII is the forth Yaogan spacecraft equipped with an optical sensor. Including the newest one, China now has totally three synthetic aperture radar (SAR) type and four optical type remote sensing satellites in orbit.

With synthetic aperture radar, a SAR satellite is able to see through cloud cover and also has some ability to penetrate soil. Following the utilization of three SAR satellites, China has had the ability to carry out all-weather and anti-camouflage reconnaissance. If necessary, the seven spy satellites could also guide ballistic or cruise missiles to strike enemy targets.

Beginning from 2006, only three years, China has launched seven reconnaissance satellites into space. The fast steps really shocked the world deeply.