Monday, December 7, 2009

“Car Bomb” Accident and Democracy in China

Damaged civilian houses
Villagers stealing chillies
Damaged trucks

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A huge explosion caused by a truck fire on a highway of China inspired us on something regarding why democracy could not prevail in China. This question maybe is haunting Canadian PM Stephen Harper these days during his visit in China.

According to Yangzi Daily of China, Dec. 5, 2009, at 12:20 am, a truck, number plate Gan G17951, took a huge explosion when it drove to 1125km point of Jingzhu highway, Xiaogan City of Hubei Province, China. Xiaogan city is 45km away from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. Four people were killed and 6 were injured on scene. Three trucks were damaged.

This explosion also caused different losses or damages on 2,000 houses near the accidental point along the highway. The four dead belonged to an opposite bound truck, number plate Yu R61696, that was fully loaded with red chillies, which were stolen later morning by villagers gathered around the scene from the nearby villages.

According to the media report, the exploded truck was illegally delivering 10 tons of gunpowder to a firework factory for the production of fireworks that will be used in the upcoming Chinese New Year. The driver and the owner of the exploded truck were escaped in time when they found from the rear-view mirror that the truck’s rear wheels were caught on fire. They were under arrest by Chinese police.

This story tells us China’s development on the quality of population lags seriously that on the economy. Low educated people account for a large ratio in Chinese population, although coastal areas and big cities are better on that. They are used to do illegal things for making money and ignore other people’s lives and properties. From the story above we see many villagers even stole victims’ property (chillies) after the accident. This is a common phenomenon in China. Overloads and illegally delivering hazardous things for profits are also very popular in China's truck transportation.

Even in each level of every local government and each state-owned enterprise, well-educated candidates take only small portion of leader positions there. That is why coalmine accidents are so popular in China and difficult to be stopped. These people formed the foundation of mono-party ruling in China today. They have no wise to use and understand democracy. By comparison, Mafia-style management is much easier for them to accept.

From China, we also see Afghanistan. Real democracy is a produce of good education. To build democracy in Afghanistan which educational level is much inferior to China, U.S. and NATO will certainly feel very tough to achieve this target. The work on Afghanistan won't be easier but only more difficult than the job on China. Harper is a smart person. Maybe he has already known this.