Friday, December 4, 2009

Bark and Face

Beginning from December of 2009, most new Chinese-Canadians with origin of mainland of China have been added more worry in each of their minds---Maybe they will have to meet their old-day friends and colleagues in Canada.

Dec. 2, 2009, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to Beijing almost four years after he took the office in Ottawa. Chinese government treated him like a prodigal son. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met Harper on the second day of Harper’s landing and granted Canada the Approved Destination Status that has been dreamed by the Canadian government for a decade. This grant is really out of most Canadian politicians’ expectations. Before, few people guessed Harper would get ADS so quickly and easily. When Harper brings this trophy home, maybe he never knows that his ADS trophy also adds much worry on many Chinese-Canadians, who immigrated to Canada within past 10 years from the mainland of China.

In China there is a saying “Humans need faces, and trees need barks”. If a tree left its bark, it would die. Chinese use of metaphor between face and bark expresses that feeling honourable in front of other people (face) is as important as human life, just like bark is so important to tree, without bark tree will die.

China granted Canada the Approved Destination Status means more and more Chinese tourists will come to Canada in the following years. To 2020, as an official estimate, there will be one million Chinese tourists from mainland of China to Canada each year. Among them certainly there will be the old-day friends and colleagues of these Chinese-Canadians who immigrated Canada within past 10 years.

During the past 10 years, almost all of their friends and colleagues in China have accumulated treasures by doing business in China or become rich by being promoted on work positions. What did these Chinese-Canadians do in Canada these years? They used up their savings brought from China due to no jobs in Canada. Some of them have jobs in Canada, but most of these jobs belong to low-wage ones. Although they have gotten the Canadian nationality, they are still not really accepted by the main stream of Canadian society and have to hobnob with Chinese people in Canada. They are still and have to be ‘stuck’ in one of the multi-cultural societies of Canada---Chinese society.

Compared with the lives and status of their old-day friends and colleagues in China, they are living in poverty in Canada. They have already had no face to see their old-day friends and colleagues who are going to be brought here from China by the Approved Destination Status, which is Harper’s new trophy carrying back from China.