Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama, One of Great Men of China

What kind of changes will Obama, the new great man of China, bring to U.S. and the world by being the teammate of China, currently the biggest socialism on the globe? The future will give us the answer.

There is a saying in China that “You will never be a great man if you have not been on the Great Wall”. To be one of great men of China, Nov. 18, 2009, just before U.S. president Barack Obama left China for South Korea, he stepped on the Badaling section of the Great Wall.

The world famous Badaling section of Great Wall of China is on the outskirts of Beijing. Before he wrapped up his great-wall trip he autographed on a paper the tourist attraction specially prepared for him.

During his 4-day state visit in China, he and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao promised determined teamwork to deal with climate change, nuclear disarmament, and economic recovery by moving beyond the disagreement over human rights, trade, and military tensions that have impaired relations of the two countries for decades.

Please watch the video above for President Obama's Great Wall tour in China. Below is the video of the comment of a Chinese reporter regarding Obama's visit.