Monday, November 16, 2009

Al-Qaeda totally failed in China (a funny joke)

The political news usually makes people become serious and lack of laughs. Recently I found one political joke posted on one Chinese website regarding Al-Qaeda against China is funny. I rearranged and posted it below to share with people, who may like to read it,

Not long ago, Al-Qaeda dispatched six terrorists to attack China. The first one to blow up the Xizhimen overpass in Beijing was stunned into dizziness by too many turns he had to make on the overpass and strayed there.

The second one that was trying to blast a bus in Beijing was unable to squeeze onto the overcrowded buses, and he lost his bomb in the squeezes surrounding him.
The third one decided to plant a bomb in a Beijing supermarket and detonate it there. A pickpocket stole his detonating controller when he was going into the supermarket.

The fourth one tried to sneak into a government building to put a bomb there. The safeguards blocked him and beat him heavily on the steps of the building, because they thought he was a person with too much un-satisfaction and was attempting to petition leaders of the government.

The fifth one tried to bomb the plaza stores in front of Guangzhou railway station in Guangdong Province of China. While he just walked out of the railway station, a group of motorcycling gangsters robbed of his package that contained his dynamite.

The last one finally blasted a coalmine and killed many people there. He then successfully returned to the Al-Quaeda base abroad. Half a year later Al-Qaeda executed him to death, because there was no any relevant news report from China due to the censor-rule of Chinese media. Bin Laden thought the returned guy lied to him and was cheating him for rewards.

Bin Laden heard that China had promised that China would not increase stamp duty on transactions, and he thought the stock market there was bull. To expand his fund for terror in China, he invested 50 billion US dollars into China’s domestic stock market. He bought 100 stocks there and waited to sell them out once the share-prices went up. Suddenly Chinese government changed mind and announced that the stamp duty on transactions would be increased immediately. The stock prices dived to the bottom accordingly at once, and Bin Laden lost his entire fund for terror in China.

To stand up again and best China in the next generation, Bin Laden adopted secretly some infants in China trying to train them to be terrorists after they grow up one day. He never thought that his plan ended in failure again because these babies were hit by melamine-tainted milk in China shortly after their secret adoption by him and Al-Qaeda.

After the lessons above, Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden said China is the only country, which Al-Qaeda has no ability to attack.

Hope you think this joke is funny too.