Sunday, October 18, 2009

The ‘Regina’, A Warship Loved by Canadians

Canadian Navy@Yaomin Peng

Canadian Navy is always the honour and love of Canadian citizens. Someday this year, near a hundred of Canadian citizens boarded on Canadian Naval Frigate ‘Regina’ (FFH 334) to show their respect to the Canadian Navy. During the citizens were cruising on the frigate near the Canadian west coast, they visited the facilities on the ship, watched performances arranged by Canadian naval force, and had a lunch together with the sailors on board.

The Canadian Frigate ‘Regina’ is also a warship welcomed twice by Chinese Navy in Shanghai, the biggest city of China.
In August of 2004, led by Commodore Roger Girouard, head of the Canadian Pacific Fleet, the frigate ‘Regina’ and her crew arrived in Shanghai of China for a four-day visit.

In August of 2006, The Frigate ‘Regina’ with 233 people on board arrived in Shanghai of China again. Commodore Bruce Donaldson, Commander of the Canadian Pacific Fleet, commanded her that time. During their stay, Commodore Donaldson and his sailors visited a guided missile frigate designed and produced by China and spent six wonderful days there.